Grade 6 Graduation

It came finally! It was graduation I was so happy to  graduate Mum and I drove up to the legends at Moonee valley  race course I walk through the doors and left mum I sat next to my best friend Julian I was full with joy and happiness . My prep teacher Nicole was at the dinner and with our principal and our acting vice principal. I chose Fish n chips it was really yummy. After everyone was finished we walked down to the school were the Graduation was held we lined up outside to wait until everyone was inside.

When we walked in everyone was standing up clapping while we were walking to our seats. Lee  my classes teacher spoke first he introduced us and talked a bit about the ceremony. Then he called up the three school captains they were going to speak most of the night first up they showed the recordings of the graduates we had to answer four questions they were, What are your feelings about high school, what are you going to bring to high school, what was your most embarrassing moment at MPPS and what was your favourite memory at MPPS.

Matthew, Principal was called up to call the Graduates up to receive our scroll from our home teacher. When I was called up I took the scroll and shook Lees hand then turned around to have a photo taken be my Dad.  After all the awards were handed out Julian on of the school captains walked up the ramped and announced the valedictorian speech that got chosen by the three year 5/6 teachers,  the person who got chosen was Grace a  fellow student in my class. Her speech was amazing she covered all the points and was fluent well done grace.

Rebecca, Acting Assisting Principal was called up by one of the school captains, she announced the specialist awards these are P.E, Visual arts, Performing arts and Italian. The P.E award was awarded to Tommy, The Visual arts award was awarded to Sozoe young, the Performing arts award was awarded to Stephanie and the Italian award was awarded to Lilly, the achievement award was announced by Mathew first up it was the excellent award and it was awarded to Eleanor, the next award was the academic award and it was awarded to Julian and lastly the Ducks award was given to Amelia.

Then lastly Jack the third school captain said to all the year sixes had to go outside for our good bye which was really a dance to say good bye it was so embarrassing for me because all the boys had to dance with a girl which is so embarrassing after the dance we came up to the front to get a present for our parents then we went out to the foyer.

BTN daily Fast Cars

A team of children from australia went to America to compete in the Fastest formula one car that is around 22 cm long. Martin and Rhys are two of five people in the team from Odyssey, the national champions of F1 schools in Australia. Peter is their design and manufacturing engineer he comes up with all this different designs. They won the national competition, at Melbourne at the Avalon Air show. Each team has there own booth were the public can come and ask questions. they started the  knockout racing you have one race in each lane, so if we false start for one, your in a bit of trouble. They finished the knockout race and unfortunately they didn’t make it past the second round. there’re there for there final day of F1 in Schools this year for 2013, and we’re dressed in our formal apparel, ready to go into the awards ceremony. Team Odyssey won two awards. Best Team Collaboration and Best Portfolio. The winning team was A1 Racing, also from Australia.

Maths mate sheet 8 Question 22

Predict: I predict that this problem will involve amounts, money and comparing.

Read: “Which  deal costs less per millilitre? A 75c for 500 mL B $2 for 2L”

Clarify: There was nothing to clarify

What’s the BIG Question?: Out of the two deals, which one will end up costing less per millilitre?

Strategy: “Write an Equation” (For more strategies check out my “Mathematician’s Toolbox” page, here is the link:

Firstly I thought that B is $2 was for 2L so for one litre is $1 so 1 litre for A is  150c so B must be the answer.

Summary: In the end I got the answer of option B and used my estimated strategies and my prediction was also correct.



It was christmas season at last I was so excited because of all the joy an happiness that comes. I love the smell of the christmas tree and au dements. Oh I forgot to mention my name i’m Jackson and I love christmas and I jus found out that I have one of four tickets to go to the jolly christmas cave i’m so excited. I chose my mum to come with me to the cave but she couldn’t go because she had a work meeting and Dad took my brother to football I was really sad to not go.

100wc week 14

To night was the the school disco I waas looking really forword to it and I was counting down the minutes until the opened the door, then the moment I was waiting for they opened the door. the music was so loud and the lights were shining so bright. Everyone  was dancing so hard it was so fun and enjoyable, AND THEN THE MUSIC STOP I was so angry that the disco was already over and so was every one else. But then I said to my self theres always next year and that will be even better and louder.

The 5 Big Questions: 45 + 47 Stella street

Question 1: What makes this a good story?

This Story is OK because it is exciting at the end because there is a lot of action. The action is exciting because I like action it is also very interesting. I believe. But at the start it is very boring because there is no action, it isn’t funny and it doesn’t have very good content. Also a strong part of why it makes this book good is conflict between Henni’s family and the phonies.

Question 2: What would make this story better?

We think that it could have more action at the start and the middle because it is a very boring and slow-going when you read the book and there is no major events happening. It could have more funny  parts because it is all really serious and all books need a bit of funny.

Question 3: What’s the most important thing the author wants you to know?

You can always find answers, overcome challenges and fears if you work for it. Also there are annoying people in your life and you just have to leave them alone. Another thing is that you may think a person is that person but they may not be they my be very different.

Question 4: Why did the writer write this?

To let you know that you sometimes have to be aware of people because they may be different. Also to entertain you.

Question 5: What does the audience need to understand and enjoy the book?They need to know what it is like to have people fine you for nothing much. Also you have to be a serious reader and if you don’t like not much action you should not read it.

Behind the news week 31 – Bush fire plan

When the spring bush fires hit NSW a couple of weeks ago, even though there was a lot of damage very few people were injured. Its very good for people to have a bushfire action plan especially schools. A key part when there’s a fire is to have water and in this case at Norton primary school there’s a water tank outside the staff room that feeds into the staff room where most of the children would be incase of a fire so they can drink water. They also have tanks down the hill for when the fire trucks come so the can plug their hoses in , to fight the fires.

At Norton primary school all windows and openings have mesh that blocks out the fire so it can’t come in. They also have roller blinds that protects them from the heat ( they’re especially made). If there was a fire the horn will go off and if it constantly repeats it means There’s a fire out side and if there’s a fire on the inside it would just make a continuous sound.  In some of the rooms there are signs that say BUSH REFUGE that means its a safe zone. In the rooms there are Bush fire emergency supply kits they contain first aid kits, lights, texters and paper so if they get bored they can draw. So as you know the school is ready and so are the kids.

By Josh 

Maths mate week 4 question 22

Predict: I predict this problem will involve division, numbers and my prior knowledge.

Read: “Fill in the missing number. 36 (divided by) [?] = 4″

Clarify: nothing to clarify

What’s the BIG Question?: What number goes into the missing box that fits into the sum?

Strategies: “Do I Know a Similar Problem?” and “Write an Equation” (For more strategies, check out my Mathematician’s Toolbox page:

Solve it: firstly I knew I’ve done similar problems so I could use my prior knowledge. I looked at the problem and started at 10 and went down the numbers until I got my answer so 10 couldn’t go in so I crossed it off then tried 9 and it was correct. So my answer was 9

Summary: In the end I got the answer of 9; I used both my estimated strategies and my prediction was also correct!

100wc week 10

It was finally time, my parents Jane and Tom wanted me to face my fear of rivers. I hate them so much because you never know what’s down there. It was June second, we drove down to Moray River so dad could fish and I could go in the water to overcome my fear. I was dreading it. I looked out the window and I could see the lake right in front of me. I could have killed myself, then Dad took the wrong turn and was driving in the direction of the city, my heart started to slow down.


Maths mate week 3 Question 22

Predict: I predict this problem will be about prior knowledge, multiplication and missing numbers.

Read: Fill in the missing number.

8 x [] = 56

Clarify: nothing to clarify

What’s the BIG Question: What number goes in the box, in the multiplication sum?

Strategies: Work Backwards For more strategies, check out my “Mathematician’s Toolbox page:

Solve it: firstly  I thought 8 times 6 is 48 so I thought if add one more I get 56 six so it has to be 7.

Summary: In the end I used my strategy (Work Backwards) and I got the answer 7 and my prediction was also so correct.